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We acknowledge that we live and breathe on the unceeded traditional territory of the Indigenous peoples who were here long before us. 

We recognize the inequalities, oppression, and racism that Indigenous peoples face in Canada. 



We are a dedicated non-profit supporting LGBTQ+ youth on Vancouver Island. VIQAA provides grants for mental health and sport/movement based needs. Our focus is advocating for accessibility and inclusion in sports regardless of how you identify as a human being.

VIQAA's Origin Story. 

The Vancouver Island Queer Athletic Association is Vancouver Islands' first non-profit association dedicated to helping LGBTQIA2S+ athletes. VIQAA was founded by two best friends. The moment to start a non-profit seemed obvious when they put together a pride event in July 2021 and couldn’t find a local association helping LGBTQIA2S+ athletes to donate the proceeds too. There is a lack of funding for LGBTQ+ youth athletes. AND a need to break barriers in sports. 

VIQAA was founded to help bridge that gap.

Thank you for joining our movement.

We are so happy to have you here! 

VIQAA's ability to give out grants comes from community initiatives and donations. We appreciate every way a person can help us spread the word about this non-profit. Supporting this nonprofit can look like: following VIQAA on Instagram (@v.i.q.a.a), sharing our mission with friends, making a donation, & helping us with fundraisers.
We appreciate every one of you.
Thank you for making a difference. 

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